You asked: Can I put boiling water in a Nalgene bottle?

Yes, it is safe to put boiling hot water in your plastic Nalgene water bottle.

Can you put boiling water into a plastic water bottle?

30 (HealthDay News) — Exposing plastic bottles to boiling water can release a potentially harmful chemical 55 times faster than normal, new research suggests. Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in the plastics that make up water bottles, baby bottles, and other food and drink packaging.

Can you put boiling water in ultralight Nalgene?

You can put boiling hot water in them to warm a sleeping bag/quilt. The caps are attached to the bottles and can’t be lost. The volume measurements printed on the sides are helpful when rehydrating dinners.

Can you put hot coffee in Nalgene bottle?

The juice+bottle doesn’t cost much more than one of those fancy water bottles. However, don’t even put anything hot into such a bottle, let alone boiling. High temperatures makes the plastic shrink and deform.

How hot can Nalgene bottle withstand?

Temperature ratings on Thermo Scientific Nalgene products and other information

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Resin Max Use Temp. (°C)2 Microwavability
LDPE 80 Yes
HDPE 120 No
PP 135 Yes
PMP 145 Yes

What happens if you put boiling water in a hot water bottle?

Filling a hot water bottle

Do not use boiling water as this can damage the seams of the bottle and adds to the risk of burns. It is important not to use hot tap water where possible as it may contain impurities, otherwise removed during the boiling process, which can degrade the bottle increasing the risk of accidents.

Will boiling water melt my water bottle?

Exposure to moderate heat may not melt your plastic water bottle, but it may still pose health risks. The “chasing arrows” symbol you see on plastic bottles provides the information you need to stay safe.

Are Nalgene water bottles safe?

We’re Proud Of Our BPA-Free Plastics

Making our bottles from Tritan and Tritan Renew means making a bottle for you that is durable, high-performing, and safe. When you choose a Nalgene, you know that your bottle is not only BPA-free, but also made with sustainability and safety in mind.

Why do hikers use Nalgene bottles?

Nalgene’s have a wide mouth which make them easy to clean if you plan on using something other than water. For example, if you need to throw some electrolyte power/tablet into your water you can safely clean the bottle and prevent mold from building up and causing stomach problems on your hike.

How tough are Nalgene bottles?


While it’s pretty tough to crack a Nalgene bottle, one of the larger pros is that you can ruin a Nalgene bottle and not have to stress out about the cost of replacing it. But again, you really can’t compare durability against a metal-constructed bottle.

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Can you put hot water in a BPA free bottle?

Bisphenol A is harmful to the human body, especially to infants and young children! And bisphenol A is released at high temperatures, so when we are using PC plastic water bottles, avoid using it to install hot water and hot water!

Can I microwave a Nalgene bottle?

Nalgene bottles will melt in the microwave.

Are Nalgene bottles Safe 2021?

Nalgene has been making reliable, affordable water bottles for decades and this continues to be one of the best reusable water bottles in 2022. It’s made from durable, BPA-free Tritan plastic, so it’s lightweight, durable, and won’t leech bisphenols into your water.

When did Nalgene stop using BPA?

In May 2008, Recreational Equipment, Inc. removed Nalgene-branded polycarbonate water bottles and replaced them with BPA-free Nalgene bottles. On April 18, 2008, Health Canada announced that bisphenol A is “‘toxic’ to human health”.

Why do Nalgenes stink?

Whether you’re using your water bottle to keep hydrated on the go or as a Nalgene protein shaker at the gym, it may have acquired a bit of a stale stench. It happens when water has sat in the bottle for too long.