How do you use fried in a sentence?

What is the sentence of fried?

Fried sentence example. She rolled the pieces of meat in flour and fried them. The office was small but clean and smelled of fried food. Betsy and Martha fried up chicken, chatting amiably as they’d done all weekend.

How do you use fry in a sentence?

Fry in a sentence

  1. Never fry a fish till it’s caught.
  2. Fry the onions until they soften.
  3. Fry the mushrooms in a little butter.
  4. Fry the potatoes, covered, for about 20 minutes.
  5. Fry the bacon until crisp.
  6. Fry the meat first to seal in the juices.
  7. I always fry potatoes in hot fat with a bit of onion.

Is fried an adjective?

As detailed above, ‘fried’ can be a verb or an adjective. Adjective usage: He always ate his eggs fried, never scrambled. Adjective usage: It looks like your motherboard is fried. Adjective usage: Man, I got totally on weed at Chad’s party.

How do you use sentence?

How sentence example

  1. How did you know you loved him? …
  2. No matter how sorry Alex was for what happened, or how many times he apologized or tried to make up for it, he couldn’t remove the hurt. …
  3. How long had Morino lived in America? …
  4. How shall I write of my mother? …
  5. He knew how to work with his hands. …
  6. That’s how life works.
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Does fried mean high?

What does “Fried” mean? Excessively high. Similar in usage to stoned, baked, or bouldered. As it originally was used to describe the effects of hallucinogenic drugs, it tends to emphasize the psychoactive effects of weed, such as couch lock and altered perception.

What are 3 words phrases used in place of fried?

synonyms for fried

  • browned.
  • sauteed.
  • frizzled.
  • pan-fried.
  • stir-fried.

How do you use Cook in a sentence?

Use “cook” in a sentence

My mom works as a cook at a famous restaurant. She cooked a special dinner for me. You are a good cook, aren’t you? Onions can be eaten raw or cooked.

What is the sentence of grill?

She rubbed the steak with olive oil and garlic, and grilled it until it was juicy and flavorful. He put the steak on the grill, and then started to prepare the salad. They had a delicious mixed grill of beef, chicken, and pork.

How do you use greet in a sentence?

We’ve come to see you, so you could at least stand and greet us properly.

  1. He always got up to greet the dawn.
  2. We associate China with the Greet Wall.
  3. I greet you in name of the President.
  4. She sprang out of her chair to greet her father.
  5. She liked to be home to greet Steve when he came in from school.

What does fry mean in texting?

transitive verb. 1 : to cook in a pan or on a griddle over heat especially with the use of fat. 2 slang : electrocute sense 2.

Is it fried or Fryed?

verb (used with object), fried, fry·ing. to cook in a pan or on a griddle over direct heat, usually in fat or oil.

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What does your fried mean?

Tired out; exhausted.

What is 10 examples of sentences?

Examples of Complete Sentences

  • I ate dinner.
  • We had a three-course meal.
  • Brad came to dinner with us.
  • He loves fish tacos.
  • In the end, we all felt like we ate too much.
  • We all agreed; it was a magnificent evening.

What are the five sentences?

5 sentences:

  • We kept hearing the sound of the garbage truck.
  • I knew that I had forgotten to do my homework.
  • My mother had also wanted to make an appointment with the pediatrician.
  • The weatherman predicted that the day would be filled with sunshine.
  • The new anchor kept talking about the election.
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