What are some cooking terms?

What are the basic cooking terms?

The most important basic cooking terms

  • Al Dente – Pasta that is cooked until it has a slight resistance to a bite–often considered the perfect consistency.
  • Bake – Cooking in an oven with a dry heat.
  • Beat – Mixing rapidly while incorporating some amount of air into the substance.
  • Boil – Heating a liquid until it bubbles.

What are 5 cooking mixing terms?

Cooking terms (9) Cutting terms 5 Mixing terms 9 Preparations7

mix to combine 2 or more ingredients by beating or stirring
sift to put dry ingredients through a sifter to break up particles and mix thouroughly
toss to mix ingredients lightly
whip to beat rapidly until the mixture is fluffy

What’s a fancy word for cooking?

In this page you can discover 72 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cooking, like: culinary art, cuisine, happening, currying, contriving, roasting, haute-cuisine, falsifying, stir-fry, garbling and concocting.

What are the terms for a recipe?


  • method.
  • prescription.
  • program.
  • technique.
  • compound.
  • ingredients.
  • instructions.
  • procedure.

Is preheat a cooking term?

Definition of preheat

transitive verb. : to heat (something) beforehand especially : to heat (an oven) to a designated temperature before using for cooking.

Is mix a cooking term?

To mix is to stir or put together more than one ingredient. This can be done by hand with a spoon or by using an electric mixer. To peel is to take off the outer covering of a food such as an apple. A “peeler” is a kitchen tool that helps with this task.

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What is a fold in cooking terms?

| fold | Discover what ‘folding’ means when it comes to combining light and heavy ingredients or mixtures in baking, and top tips to help you fold properly. A technique used to gently combine a light, airy ingredient (such as beaten egg whites) with a heavier one (such as whipped cream or cake mix). Advertisement.

What does cream mean in cooking?

“Creaming” refers to the process of incorporating sugar and softened butter into a uniform, fluffy, and smooth mixture in which the sugar is dissolved and evenly dispersed. Though it requires a hand or stand mixer, it’s worth the extra effort for delightfully chewy cookies and finely crumbed cakes.

What is it called when you cook something on the stove?

BOIL-to cook food in liquid on the stove top. BRAISE-to cook food over low heat in a small amount of liquid in a covered pan on the stove top. BROTH-the liquid in which meat, poultry or vegetables have been simmered. This is the same as ‘stock’.

Is bake a cooking term?

Bake. To cook food, covered or uncovered, using the direct, dry heat of an oven. The term is usually used to describe the cooking of cakes, other desserts, casseroles, and breads.